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About Me


My name is Daisy Abboudi.


After completing my Masters Degree in Ancient History, I set up Tales of Jewish Sudan, an oral history project dedicated to preserving the testimonies and recipes of the little-known Jewish community that lived in Sudan from the turn of the 20th Century to the early 1970s. 


I was born in the UK and raised on stories of my grandparents’ life in Sudan, as well as eating and cooking the food that came with them.

Even at its peak, the community was only around 250 families, and it will soon be lost from living memory.


I designed Tales of Jewish Sudan to ensure the history of the community lives on through interviews, which I conducted myself, alongside research, and collections of traditional recipes. In 2020, I visited Sudan for the first time to see the country I have learned so much about first hand.


The project has received national and international attention and has been covered in numerous media articles. I regularly present my research to various interested organisations and groups, and it will ultimately be published as a book. 

I'd love to hear from you, so please don't hesitate to contact me at

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