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Here you will find a small selection of the recipes given to me by members of the community. Most were given to me verbally, with very little instruction. I have tested them, and slightly adjusted some to make them easier to create. 

Each person who related a recipe to me gave me their version of that recipe, and it will always slightly differ to other versions. These recipes were created over time, and with love, their differences reflecting the people they were cooked for.


I hope you will also be able to use them in this way, as guide to help you find the flavours that you, and those you are cooking, for like to eat.

If there are any recipes not included here that you would like to see, please get in touch.



The following recipes can be easily adapted into vegetarian or vegan versions, for example by swapping meat stock for vegetable stock, butter for a plant-based spread, or minced meat for a plant-based alternative. 

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