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Tales of Jewish Sudan (and the Jews of Sudan) in the news:

AJC Podcast - The Forgotten Exodus

American Jewish Committee

Manya Brachear Pashman

29 Aug 2022

Sudan, Land of My Grandparents, I Believe in You

The Jewish Chronicle

Daisy Abboudi

18 Nov 2021

Khartoum’s Secret Cemetery

The Telegraph

Will Brown

17 Apr 2021

Descendants Of Sudan Jews Hope To Connect With Israel


Menna Zaki

3 Apr 2021

(German) The Smallest Community in the Region

Jüdische Allgemeine

Jérôme Lombard

26 Nov 2020

(Arabic) Will the Jewish Community Return to Sudan?


Jenan Alhamli

12 Nov 2020

(French) i24 Francais: TV Interview

i24 News Francais

TV Interview with Daisy Abboudi

1 Nov 2020

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